We advise you to shop around to locate the best deal for insurance

Most of the time, home insurance is available in two forms and can therefore offer different levels of protection. The 2 forms available are building insurance and contents insurance. Building insurance covers any physical damage to the building or any of its essential features, such as doors and windows. Contents insurance covers possessions which are held within the property.Fully inclusive insurance policies are available, which combine the 2 different forms of insurance to offer a full level of home insurance.We act as an introducer agent for RGA Underwriting Limited. We have also provided a link to our affiliate Policy Expert, so you are able to find best available deal. If you would like us to manually fill out any form on your behalf, we can do so, as long as you authorise us and provide us with accurate information. Based on the details given, we can provide you with prices from various different companies from price comparison sites. ICUK Insurance does not make any personal recommendations as to the suitability of the policy to individual client’s circumstances.

Helpful Tips

Fully inclusive policy or separate

Having a fully inclusive policy isn’t always cheaper than getting separate cover. It may be beneficial to get quotes for separate policies as well, especially if you’re a high risk for one type of cover.

What is the contents?

Contents are defined by the insurance companies as the things you would pack if you were moving home.

The list of contents

Make a complete list of everything including what’s in the garage, loft and shed. Photos of each room may help and be a handy thing to have as proof of your belongings.