We do not act as a broker or agent for any particular insurance company. As long as you provide us with accurate information, if you apply for a tailored quote or renewal check service, in accordance with Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Data Protection Act/GDPR 2018 you appoint and authorize us to carry out price searching work to find you a quotation from whole of market. Based on the details given, we can provide you with the best prices from whole of market. ICUK Insurance does not make any personal recommendations as to the suitability of the policy to individual client’s circumstances.

We advise you to shop around to locate the best deal for insurance. If you fill out our form located on our website, we can then look into your current situation and the conditions you are currently residing in. With the given information we will manually search into a deeper field of scope, to find insurance suited to your lifestyle, usually this is a more challenging premium which in turn will save you money and time. Any data you supply will only be used for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry. For mutual security, calls may be recorded and monitored for training purposes.