Driving without Car Insurance. Is it worth the risk?

With the recession, and other financial increases within the market burning a hole in consumers pockets, temptations dark desires may take over and you may think driving without insurance is worth the risk.

Lets have a look over some key factors:

First and foremost, what will happen if you do get caught?

- A hefty fine will certainly be given, first time offenders usually get a £200 fine, although a maximum fine of £5000  can be issued.

- An automatic 6 to 8 points will be given along with an IN10 or similar conviction code depending on the offence

The above may not seem that bad, but the points given will have a dramatic effect on your insurance premiums for the next 5 years. Most insurers will not offer any insurance price simply because of the conviction code. Usually the insurers which do offer insurance will have inflated prices, sometimes by thousands of pounds and may even bump up the compulsory excess due to the increased risk of you being on the road.

- The police have the power to seize a car which has no insurance, they will retain the car and charge on a daily basis for keeping the car and will apply a release fee when or if the car is collected. A valid certificate of insurance is required to release a seized car, but not all insurers allow this, so your choice is already restricted. If your car is not collected in the allotted time, the police also have the power to destroy your car.

Technology has now moved forward so quickly that getting caught is pretty much a certainty, the following explain why its is now easier than ever to check who is insured and who is not.

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a central database which collects data regarding which cars have been insured from all the insurers, this data is then usually updated on the database every night. The police have access to this database and have special cameras with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software built in which picks up the car registration and does a quick check with MID to see whether the car is insured. You can check with AskMID to see if your car is showing as insured on the MID database by going to www.askmid.com

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